Miami - Dive into Another Lifetime

by Mark De Luca

Forget about the clichés of classless millionaires driving Lamborghinis (sure, that does exist), at the heart of Miami’s South Beach is a classic, art-deco inspired 1950s refinement that demands you don a panama hat, light up a Cuban and order something with a cocktail umbrella and a sprig of mint.

Emphasized by the uniformity of thick pastel and bright-white pin-stripes, the tastefully designed pools & pool bars (often the brainchild of the likes of Philippe Starke) transport you to time where Sinatra reigned, sexy synchronized swimming teams and impeccably trained wait staff competed for hotel guests’ admiration.

Miami, as long as you’re looking for it, offers the ultimate refreshment in an experience that carries a time-honored vintage few places around the world can present authentically.


Miami has a dynamic story, art deco architecture, beautiful beaches, sophisticated cocktails, stunning pools and gorgeous people that are only slightly let down by an undercurrent of Spring Break fever.

I recommend finding a great resort on the beach and simply camping out; hit the beach and the pool bar, order a few cocktail carafes and sip away with friends between dips when the sun gets too much. 

One of my favorites is the Raleigh. It’s not the most lavish but the history and vibe hits you from the lobby’s exquisite interior. From the classic retro Swedish furniture, to the pool, to the simple black /white color scheme throughout. It’s just cool, you know you’re on a unique holiday.


There are a few must sees/dos: check the sunset at the Standard hotel, get some crab at Joes, sink some beer and watch the boats at the marina, walk the beach, experience the view from the roof of the W hotel, and then go party at the Fontainebleau.

Enjoying Miami for what it is with the blinkers off will manifest a fun-filled, relaxed experience that will no doubt send you back to where you came from feeling refreshed, cultured and tanned.