Camogli - Where Italian's holiday in Italy.

Camogli - Where Italian's holiday in Italy.

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If you're searching for those untouched, 'locals only' hidden treasures where you won't feel like you've just stepped out of a double decker tour bus jammed full of selfie stick waving tourists, Camogli is your place.


1. Getting there

Located on the Portofino Peninsula, Camogli is pretty accessible.  We recommend you fly into Milano rent yourself a Fiat 500, bluetooth a Dean Martin Spotify playlist & start falling in love with the romance of Italy as you sing Mambo Italiano.  The drive is around 2 hours.

If by chance you'll be coming from the French Riviera like we did, the 3 hour coastal Drive from Nice to Camogli is probably one of the most scenic drives in the world. This stretch of road hugging and piercing the Mediterranean coastline should also be on your bucket list.  Keep your eyes on the road, as you will see a car show fleet of Italian supercars dodging past you, as millionaires tick it of theirs.


2. Where to Stay.

If you're there in September as you get more for your buck, stay at Hotel Cenobi Dei Dogi  and feel like Jude Law & Gwyneth Paltrow from Talented Mr. Ripley for only around 200 euro a night for a seaview room.  In July and august, you'll be paying at least double if you can find a room.

3. The Esplanade & beach

The beach/port side Esplanade is what you would expect from a stunning Italian village, as you walk look to your left, and be mesmerized by the pebbley beach littered with colorful towels, umbrellas, speedos and golden Italian skin tones. Look out further and see a few paddle boards, a boat or two and the Mediterranean melt into the sky.

Look right and up and you'll notice that the building walls have been used as a canvas my master painters.  The complimentary sunburnt color palettes of each building with the meticulous detailing & shadowing morph these structures into art. 

Apparently in the 1800's they painted these buildings this colorful so the fisherman could spot the port when they were bringing back the catch of the day.

3. We came to eat.

Don't fill up too much on the scenery because, one of the main reasons you should always go to Italy is to eat. The food generally is local, terrific and made by a little nona. 

After enjoying the beach and the esplanade we popped in to La Camogliese Restorante for lunch -  a recommendation from a friend, and I will recommend it to you. For starter we went for the muscles, following the waiters suggested. Prior to them arriving a big basket of fresh focaccia, bread sticks, crackers and italian bread landed on our table. Normally we try to avoid bread, but here it's impossible. Slowly but surely, soaked in tangy young extra virgin olive oil and spread with lightly salted butter, all that was left by the time the muscles arrived were a few crumbs on a white cotton napkin and warm hugs of gluten in our belly.

Now we are craving some more accentuated flavors, sweetness mixed with salty & tanginess.  as you can see the photo, the consumption of the muscles resembled more of a feeding frenzy you see in nature documentaries. My wife and I plucking muscle after muscle, inhaling the meat and using the shell as a broth scooping utensil.  Having not spoken a word to each other during this catastrophe once we locked eyes with a mischievous look on our faces, we cheers'd our glasses and cleaned ourselves up.


For Secondi, we both couldn't go past the Vongole Pasta with a pompodore base and local cheese to finish. As we expected the home made fresh pasta (not at the restaurant but just around the corner.) was excellent, quite soft (not aldente) but not stick at all, the flavors of the clams with the tomato sauce bonded with melted strings of cheese speckled with cracked pepper were simple and simply perfecto. 



For dessert, we opted for laying on the warm pebbles of the beach and consuming the sun.

Here are a few tips that may make your visit to Camogli more refreshing

  • We recommend you avoid the months of July and August as you'll be paying top dollar, the weather is too hot, and there will likely be a few strayers from the selfie stick army.
  • From New York City, there is great direct Emirates flight into Milan
  • Look out for the small fisherman Bars in the streets around the main esplanade and practice your Italian with the locals
  • On the Esplanade there is a little trattoria that sells some fresh pasta & cured meats, and other little goodies.





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