Must eat dishes in NYC

Must eat dishes in NYC

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Daniel Murphy, founder of Black Fox Coffee NYC (voted best coffee in NY), an avid foodie and world traveler, shares his favorite dishes he's found in New York City that teleport him out of Manhattan with each bite.

1. Marea  

fusilli with baby octopus and bone marrow. Michael White’s fine dining homage to surf and turf. Close your eyes and let this dish take you directly to the Tuscan port towns where seafood pasta is a daily ritual.

2. Tacombi

Crispy fish tacos at Tacombi, Nolita. A trip here is like being transported to Baja Mexico. The raw space, reminiscent of a street side shack, even has a vintage VW Kombi Van retrofitted as a mini taco kitchen 

3. Balthazaar

Steak frites at Balthazar. No New York dining experience is complete without a martini at the bar and the famous steak frites at Balthazar. A bonus: Keith McNally’s legendary restaurant makes you feel like you’re in 1950s Paris 

4. Hometown Bar-B-Que

Lamb belly at Hometown Bar-B-Que, Red Hook. Most people jump straight into the ribs or the brisket but the Lamb Belly will make you question everything you thought you knew about the most famous export from the South. Combined with their wood interior, live music, vintage American decor and a whiskey menu it rivals any authentic roadside bars in Tennessee… Y’all enjoy now.

5. Decibel

Late night drinks at Sake Bar Decibel.  When you walk down the steps of this hidden subterranean East Village sake bar, you feel like you are being transported to the back streets of Tokyo. The red lanterns and narrow nooks create the ideal ambience for a few dumplings, a cold Kirin and some Sake. The perfect recipe to forget that NYC is just 12 steps above you.

6. Uncle Boons ( now closed )

Crab fried rice at Uncle Boons. You know when you are sitting on a plastic stool, 20 yards from the beach in Phuket, Thailand, your feet in the sand, watching an old woman crush a crab shell with her bare hands like it is a slice of bread, take the crab meat, mix it with freshly muddled herbs and spices and fry it in her wok with power generated from her moped to create the best Crab Fried Rice you have ever tasted? Now you do.



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