Commercial Co Ventures

PUBLIC REPRESENTATION. During the Term of this Agreement, LICENSEE will offer for sale approximately 8,333 cases of sparkling water, custom packaged and labeled for The 100K Initiative (hereinafter "product") through retail partners and on its website, to bring awareness to LICENSOR's efforts in protecting oceans worldwide in conjunction with this charitable sales promotion.
For purposes of compliance with the applicable state laws regulating commercial coventures, LICENSEE agrees to disclose to the public the following information that is required to conform with BBB Standard 19 and applicable state laws: (a) the actual or anticipated portion of the purchase price or fee that will benefit LICENSOR, if applicable; (b) the duration of the promotion or until all of the product is sold; ( c) any maximum or guaranteed minimum amount to be paid to LICENSOR, if applicable; and ( d) the portion of the product's purchase price that is tax deductible, if any.
During the promotion, LICENSEE will represent in promotional materials that for each case purchased, LICENSEE will donate $20.80 to Oceana, Inc., a public charity dedicated to protecting the world's oceans and that there will be a minimum donation of $l00,000.