Our Planet is amazing

our planets


Our planet is amazing. It has naturally occurring water reservoirs deep below its surface, usually found around the edges of tectonic plates and geologically active areas. Surface water from the earth flows into these reservoirs, the mineral composition in and around the underground reservoirs make up the unique mineral composition of the water in them. This is known as the 'mineralization process'. Some of the special reservoirs create naturally bubbly water.



On the Anatolian tectonic plate, we discovered a physically & geologically protected water source in the National Park of Mount Uludag, Turkey. The ancient reservoir found deep beneath the source, naturally produces an incredibly rich mineral water. This pure, untouched & micro plastic free water source is where Found Bubbly is bottled.

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Most of us haven't realized that we have been compromising with our sparkling water choices.

Many ‘sparkling waters’ on the market are tap/municipal water which are purified (in most cases removing many of its mineral qualities along with micro plastics) then carbonated.