Naturally sparkling,
naturally refreshing.

Sourced & filled naturally sparkling

Found™ A Naturally Sparkling Refreshment.

We found naturally sparkling mineral water & infused it with the most refreshing aromas & extracts.  Found™ is not a seltzer, or a soda, or a tonic...  We call them ‘Naturally Sparkling Refreshments.’

"Best New Beverage"

- Zenith Media GBWA

Naturally Bubbly Water.

Yes, it's almost unbelievable, no, its not magic.

It is one of the miracles of the earth; water that begins its journey on mountain tops and gradually becomes naturally sparkling. We capture it at the source for you to enjoy.

How Natural Bubbles Happen.

Naturally sparkling mineral water occurs when water flows over and through rock beds soaking up the minerals. 

In our rich mineral water spring, one of the naturally occurring minerals is HCO3 (Hydrogen carbonate), which causes natural carbonation.

Mineral Composition (mg/L)

All the minerals that are naturally found in our water

(ph - 6.00) Calcium.CA - 326 | Magnesium.MG - 111.4 |  Bicarbonate.HCO3 - 163 |  Sodium.NA -  425 |  Sulphate.SO4 - 6 | Nitrate.NO3 - 3.3 |  Chloride.CI - 166 | Potassium.K - 53.6 |

The Perfect Bubble.

Found has a gentle yet crisp sparkle… Not too flat, not too bubbly, and won’t foam in your mouth.Always enjoy it chilled at an optimal temperature of 8 degrees celsius - this results in perfect atmospheric air pressure (BAR) of 6.5.

Watermelon Basil



Cucumber Mint

Refreshingly Sustainable.

At Found along with transparency & purity, sustainability is one of our founding brand pillars.  Since 2007 when Found became the first carbon neutral certified Beverage company in Australia, we've been implement sustainable practices through all facets of our business to ensure that mother nature the creator of our beverages stays healthy. Here are a few our our processes.

100% Recycled & Label Free

Our glass bottles are made from 100% recycled glass. Once they are blown we screen print all our label information directly onto them. By doing this we've not consumed around 22,026 lbs of plastic (10 tons). #breakfreefromplastic.

Carbon Neutral Since 2007

We work with the Carbon Trade Exchange to calculate and offset our carbon emissions by supporting a maritime sustainability project that helps the global shipping industry implement more sustainable practices.

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A Lighter Bottle

It took us around 18 months to develop our own bottle. Today the Found bottle is one of the lightest (if not the lightest)  carbonated beverage bottle for a 33cl volume. The reduced mass of the bottle results in more efficient freighting and lower carbon emissions during production.

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