Silk Screen Printing

After it is created, each bottle of Found Bubbly goes through a silk screening process to apply the artwork. This not only delivers an elegant look and gorgeous texture, but ensures that there is no plastic or paper waste created from our bottles.

A lighter bottle.

The Found bubbly bottle weighs in at 190 grams. The lightest volume to weight ratio of any glass bottle we have come across,  25% lighter than many other bottles.
This is important as although glass is one of the most sustainable forms of packaging, it does release emissions during the creation.  By having a smaller volume of glass, the creation of each bottle releases less emissions. For every 4 bottles we create most brands can only create 3.

Found Bubbly bottles are made from 100% recycled glass.

our Plastic Free Shipping solution

The Pretty Sustainable Box

Meet ‘THE PRETTY SUSTAINABLE BOX ‘ the most optimal and waste free way to pack the conical glass bottles.   The engineering ensures that each of the (12) bottles are locked into place,  minimizing space, shipping emissions, costs and potential damage .
This innovation eliminates the need for, bubble wrap, peanuts, shredded cardboard or plastic air pockets. There is no plastic used  the shipping packaging at all. The inlay & box are made from recycled craft paper.

The 100k Initiative

An awareness project we developed with Oceana & artist Amit Greenberg to raise awareness, about the impact of plastic on our marine mammals.