A Healthy Heart

A Healthy Heart

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Would it shock you if we told you bad cholesterol is not just found in yummy, fatty foods, but in some of our healthy foods as well? That poached egg on top of your local coffee shop's avocado toast and even the raw prawn ceviche from last week's date night can be high in bad cholesterol, known as LDLs—low density lipoproteins. Which can cause blockages to the veins and arteries. Rather than completely avoid our favourite foods, doctors recommend a healthy balanced diet rich with foods that can help lower LDL levels as well as plenty of water to keep our pipe-ways free of any build-up.



To cover your daily hydration in a heart healthy way, keeping sparkling mineral water close by is key. As a rich mineral water Found Bubbly contains high levels of magnesium (72mg/L) and potassium (40mg/L) which are absorbed into the water through a natural mineralization process. Scientific studies have shown that certain levels of magnesium and potassium content actually act to lower bad cholesterol levels. 


 When respecting a balanced diet some of our favorites to help lower bad cholesterol are an açai granola bowl chock-full of nuts and oats, a healthy pour of EVOO over just about anything; and fresh fruit salads packed with apples, strawberries and citrus. These are a few fresh, delicious ways to ensure your arteries stay clear and pure.                 





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